Hey, it's Mark

I'm a Computer Science student at UC Davis expecting a 2019 graduation.

Game designer, programmer, and writer.

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What I've been working on

RE:Search | Designer & Writer

This game is a 2D RPG, with a twist. Instead of fighting monsters and saving princesses, you travel through time doing quests for historically significant researchers. This game was created as a collaboration between the UC Davis Game Dev. & Arts club and UC Davis faculty to help transform a professor's Introduction to Research class into something more engaging and interactive. Working on a small team, I've been able to have a hand in everything from programming to design. My greatest contributions were creating the waypoint-based NPC movement functionality, designing the story, quests, and gameplay, and translating my designs into fun playable levels in Unity. This game was released to all UC campuses in Spring 2018 and has shown to have has a positive effect on student interest in the course.

Unfortunately, as you’d have to be a University of California student to play this game, pictures are all you’ll get.

While you're here, check out the official Re:Search - A Campus Story soundtract!

The Yum Yum Project | Designer & Programmer

This project was a collaborative effort between the UC Davis department of Food Sciences and the department of Communication to develop a series of minigames aimed toward 8-10 year old children. Used as a means of collecting data for a PhD student's thesis, the collection of minigames are designed to help better understand the influence of digital media on a child's desire to eat vegetables. As this is something being used for scientific research, the design had to be impeccable and the games had to be tight and responsive. Hours of bug testing and redesigns have insured that these minigames create a coherent story that is enjoyable as well as a valid tool for conducting research. Made with Unity, and launched early 2018.


What I've been doing in my free time

Blackwood | Programmer, 3D Modeler, and Designer

This is a game that was first developed at a game jam, and has since turned into a full fledged project of it's own. The game is a thrilling puzzler inspired by Algernon Blackwood's The Wendigo. As the player completes more puzzles, we see him descend further into madness. Developed in Unity, and expecting a late 2018 launch.

UC Davis Game Development and Arts Club | Officer & Member

As an officer of this club, my main duty is maintaining the club website. I've organized the annual club trip to GDC, participated in club workshops on developing games in game engines, and have joined in on four game jams hosted by the club.

Global Game Jam 2018 | Volunteer

Hosting our very first Global Game Jam, the Game Dev. and Arts Club partnered up with UC Davis professors Patrick LeMieux, Stephanie Boluk, and Josh McCoy to kick it off with a bang. As an organizer, I helped figure out the logistics of hosting around 35 people for the entirety of the weekend. Overall, it was an incredible success and I'm excited to help host next year's Global Game Jam.



As of early 2018



Github: @marknickerson

LinkedIn: @mark-nickerson